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                Newsmedia industry

                Stokes keeps SWM role as he steps back from group

                Aug 26, 2021 at 03:42 am by admin

                Seven owner Kerry Stokes has started to pull back from official commitments with a decision to retire from the chairmanship of Seven Group Holdings, of which he is the majorit.... Read More

                ¡®Shrieks of excitement¡¯ as News rediscovers print in regions

                Aug 23, 2021 at 09:57 pm by admin

                News Corp Australia returns to print this week in two regional markets it left when it closed more than 100 print editions 14 months ago. However, the two mastheads with &lsq.... Read More

                Phillips grows fast with second batch of acquisitions in 2021

                Aug 23, 2021 at 08:03 pm by admin

                US giant Gannett has sold five more newspaper titles, this time in Arkansas and Missouri, to local publisher Phillips Media. The company has a footprint in the states and Ill.... Read More

                Short shrift for Murdoch on BBC doco complaints

                Aug 23, 2021 at 06:12 pm by admin

                A rare complaint by a News Corp unit about reportage of it and boss Rupert Murdoch has been “largely lost”, according to a UK publisher. The Guardian has reported.... Read More

                Targetted journalists struggling for a way out of Kabul nightmare

                Aug 19, 2021 at 06:09 am by admin

                Calls to look after journalists as they join other human beings scrabbling for the opportunity to get out of Kabul, have resulted in some improvements in visa arrangements. A.... Read More