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                Jul 27, 2008 at 09:20 pm by Staff


                May 6-27 INMA World Congress of News Media, virtual

                Jun 3-5 Metro Production Conference, Tampa Florida, USA www.metroproduction.org

                Jun 8-10 WAN-Ifra Newsroom Summit vitual

                Jun 28-29 WAN-Ifra Indian Media Leaders summit, virtual

                Aug 12-13 INMA South Asia Media Summit, virtual

                Aug 26-27 INMA Latin America Media Summit

                Sep 21-22  WAN-Ifra India Printers Summit, Chennai, India

                Sep 28-30 WAN-Ifra World News Media Congress 2021, Taipei, Taiwan

                Sep 28-Oct 1 PacPrint, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia

                Sep 30 National Print Awards dinner, Melbourne, Australia

                Oct 5-19 INMA Product & Data for Media Summit

                Oct 13-14 WAN-Ifra Publishing Days/Ifra World Publishing Expo, Berlin, Germany

                Oct 12-14. WAN-Ifra World Printers Summit, virtual, Frankfurt, Germany

                Oct 20-21 Print & Digital Convention, Messe Dusseldorf, Germany

                Oct 26-27. WAN-Ifra World Printers Summit, Frankfurt, Germany

                Nov 3-5 Global Investigative Journalism Conference, Sydney, Australia

                Nov 9-10 WAN-Ifra Digital Media Europe, Vienna, Australia

                Nov 17-19 INMA Africa Media Summit 2.0

                Dec 1-2 WAN-Ifra Digital Media Asia, Ocean Park Marriott, Hong Kong


                Feb 21-24 Hunkler Innovationdays, Lucerne Exhibition Centre, Switzerland

                May 3-6 Print4All, Milan, Italy

                Jun TBA WAN-Ifra World News Media Congress 2022, Zaragoza, Spain

                Oct 11-15 All in Print China SNIEC, Shanghai, China

                Oct 14-18 Global Investigative Journalism Conference, ICC, Sydney, Austrlia



                May 28-Jun 7. DRUPA, Dusseldorf, Germany

                Contact the organisers for fuller information about any of the above events and to confirm dates.

                Sections: Newsmedia industry


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