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                Headless CMS chosen as European group transforms

                Aug 25, 2021 at 04:32 am by admin

                European publisher Mediahuis has names Stibo DX’s CUE as its platform of choice for continuing digital transformation.

                The company says CUE will be used as a centralised system to manage its various websites and news apps, the multichannel and headless CMS matching its current and future functionality and technology needs in news production.

                Chief digital officer Peter Soetens says building a digital company starts with putting the consumer at the centre. "The media industry has been product-driven for ages, but now we are delivering a service instead of a product. And the service starts with the consumers' needs.”

                From its origins seven years ago as a Belgian publisher, Mediahuis has transformed to a leading international multimedia company also operating in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Ireland. From four titles, it has diversified to a portfolio of more than 30 news brands, along with a multitude of crossmedia brands, including digital platforms and marketplaces. Media brands including De Standaard, NRC Handelsblad, De Telegraaf, Irish Independent, the Belfast Telegraph and Luxemburger Wort reach more than ten million readers a day.

                Beyond its focus on independent journalism and diversity in voices, Mediahuis has become an international company with global competition transcending the local level and empowered digital transformation.

                Soetens says the main driver today is engagement, not circulation. “Moving towards a ‘reader-first’ approach, and developing long-term relationships in the digital world goes hand in hand with an increase in digital subscriptions.

                "Today we are attracting new subscribers with our content,” he says.

                Says chief information officer Koen Vandaele, “Newsrooms are working closely with marketing people – attracting new users, bringing them to the funnel, and converting them to subscribers. CUE will help us drive our digital transformation forward and transform our workflows.”

                Sections: Digital business


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