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                MPC Media

                Jan 16, 2008 at 10:33 am by Staff

                Based in Cooran, Queensland - a couple of hours north of Brisbane, Australia, and in the hinterland to the Noosa Heads surfing and lifestyle resort - MPC Media is a niche business-to-business publisher with a strong focus on credible, authorative editorial.

                Its publications include:

                GXpress is a specialist website and newsletter for the digital newsmedia, newspaper production and heatset web printing industry segments. Our focus is the senior management of newsmedia and newspaper publishing companies in Australia and New Zealand, India and South Asia, South-east Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Fiji and the Pacific islands. Our website - which integrates industry, digital publishing and print production - is at


                Sportslink and the Slinki.biz self-service directory site and newsletter deliver news, listings and promotions for the Australia/New Zealand sporting goods and outdoor trade



                MPC Media also supports its niche clients with a range of editorial, design and publishing services to its niche clients.

                For more information, contact Peter Coleman on (07) 5485 0079 (international +61 7 5485 0079) or email mpcmedia@ozemail.com.au.

                MPC Media (Pileport Pty Ltd) ABN 30 056 610 363
                PO Box 40 Cooran Qld 4569 Australia
                Ph +61 7 5485 0079

                Peter Coleman mobile +61 407 580094

                Sections: Primary Web Pages


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